TGrade Dry Bath Incubator

Perfect performance for temperature control experiment.

OSE-DB-01 heating type TGrade Dry Bath Incubator is a dry constant temperature metal bath. When 24 V DC is connected, the temperature can be maintained at the specified temperature from room temperature to 105°C. Five time and temperature periods can be set.

OSE-DB-02 cooling type TGrade Dry Bath Incubator can maintain temperature within -10°C~105°C (to reach -10°C, the environment temperature needs to be at 15°C or below). Five time and temperature periods can be set.

Cat. No Packing Size
OSE-DB-01 (Heating) 1 Set
OSE-DB-02 (Cooling) 1 Set

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TGrade Dry Bath Incubator

Operating Parameters

TGrade Dry Bath Incubator

Five-stage Program Control

TGrade Dry Bath Incubator

Flexible Combination of Multiple Metal Bath Block Series

TGrade Dry Bath Incubator


■ Five stage program control, providing more choices and is compatible with more complex experiments.
■ Motor upgrade, more accurate temperature control, faster temperature change.
■ Free module combination, different centrifugal tubes are insulated at the same time.
■ Stylish design, refined experience.

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