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For customers that wanted to further control the NGS library construction progress and personalize the experiment, TIANGEN also provide high-efficiency enzymes and other reagent used in every stage of DNA/RNA library construction. We strictly selected the suppliers and keep the stable quality to all raw materials.

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Cat. no. Product name Packing size
NG201-01 TIANSeq T4 DNA Ligase (Rapid) 24,000 U
NG201-02 TIANSeq T4 DNA Ligase (Rapid) 240,000 U
NG202-01 TIANSeq Klenow (3′-5′ exo-) 1,500 U
NG202-02 TIANSeq Klenow (3′-5′ exo-) 10,000 U
NG203-01 TIANSeq Klenow 500 U
NG203-02 TIANSeq Klenow 2,500 U
NG204-01 TIANSeq DNA Polymerase Ⅰ 500 U
NG204-02 TIANSeq DNA Polymerase Ⅰ 5,000 U
NG205-01 TIANSeq T4 DNA Polymerase 300 U
NG205-02 TIANSeq T4 DNA Polymerase 2,000 U
NG206-01 TIANSeq T4 Polynucleotide Kinase 1,500 U
NG206-02 TIANSeq T4 Polynucleotide Kinase 10,000 U
NG207-01 TIANSeq RNase H 500 U
NG207-02 TIANSeq RNase H 5,000 U
NG208-01 TIANSeq BstX DNA Polymerase 8,000 U
NG208-02 TIANSeq BstX DNA Polymerase 40,000 U
NG209-01 TIANSeq RNase Inhibitor 4,000 U
NG209-02 TIANSeq RNase Inhibitor 20,000 U
NG210-01 TIANSeq T4 RNA Ligase 2, Truncated 500 U
NG211-01 TIANSeq T4 RNA Ligase 1 1,500 U
NG211-02 TIANSeq T4 RNA Ligase 1 10,000 U
NG212-01 TIANSeq M-MLV (RNAse H-) 10,000 U
NG213-01 TIANSeq Uracil DNA Glycosylase 1,000 U
NG213-02 TIANSeq Uracil DNA Glycosylase 10,000 U
NG215-01 TIANSeq Klenow (3′-5′exo-) (Low Conc.) 2500 U
NG215-02 TIANSeq Klenow (3′-5′exo-) (Low Conc.) 2×5000 U
NG226-T1 TIANSeq Tn5 Transpoase 40 μl/

Related Reagent

Cat. no. Product name Packing size
NG216-T TIANSeq Dual-Index Adapter (Illumina) 20 μl×96 Well
NG217-01 25 mM dNTPs Mixture 1 ml
NG217-02 25 mM dNTPs Mixture 5×1 ml

All the products can be customized for ODM/OEM. For details, please click Customized Service(ODM/OEM)

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