TGuide S96 Blood/Cell/Tissue RNA Kit

TGuide S96 Blood/Cell/Tissue RNA Kit adopts magnetic beads with unique separation function and a unique buffer system to separate and purify high-quality total RNA. The product can be perfectly matched with TGuide S96 extractor. Magnetic beads are adsorbed, transferred and released by special magnetic rods, thus realizing the transfer of magnetic beads and nucleic acids. The extracted total RNA has high purity and is free from contamination of genomes, proteins and other impurities.

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■ Easy and fast: RNA with higher purity can be easily obtained in 1 hour.
■ High throughput: 96 samples can be extracted with TGuide S96 Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor.
■ Safe and nontoxic: No toxic reagents such as phenol/chloroform are needed.
■ High purity: The obtained RNA has high purity.


Type: Magnetic beads type extraction.
Sample: Blood, Cell, Tissue.
Target:  Total RNA
Starting volume: 500 μl
Operation time: 60 min
Downstream applications: PCR, NGS library construction, etc.

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Q: Column blockage

A-1 Cell lysis or homogenization not sufficient

---- Reduce sample usage, increase the amount of lysis buffer, increase homogenization and lysis time.

A-2 Sample amount is too large

---- Reduce the amount of sample used or increase the amount of lysis buffer.

Q: Low RNA yield

A-1  Insufficient cell lysis or homogenization

---- Reduce sample usage, increase the amount of lysis buffer, increase homogenization and lysis time.

A-2  Sample amount is too large

----Please refer to the maximum processing capacity.

A-3 RNA is not eluted completely from the column

---- After adding RNase-Free water, leave it for a few minutes before centrifuging.

A-4 Ethanol in the eluent

---- After rinsing, centrifuge again and remove the washing buffer as much as possible.

A-5 Cell culture medium is not completely removed

---- When collecting cells, please make sure to remove the culture medium as much as possible.

A-6 The cells stored in RNAstore are not effectively centrifuged

----RNAstore density is greater than the average cell culture medium; so the centrifugal force should be increased. It is suggested to centrifuge at 3000x g.

A-7 Low RNA content and abundance in the sample

---- Use a positive sample to determine if the low-yield is caused by the sample.

Q: RNA degradation

A-1  The material is not fresh

---- Fresh tissues should be stored in liquid nitrogen immediately or immediately put into the RNAstore reagent to ensure the extraction effect.

A-2  Sample amount is too large

---- Reduce sample amount.

A-3  RNase contamination

----Although the buffer provided in the kit does not contain RNase, it is easy to contaminate RNase during extraction process and should be handled with care.

A-4  Electrophoresis pollution

---- Replace the electrophoresis buffer and make sure the consumables and Loading Buffer are free of RNase contamination.

A-5  Too much loading for electrophoresis

---- Reduce the amount of sample loading, the loading of each well should not exceed 2 μg.

Q: DNA contamination

A-1  Sample amount is too large

---- Reduce sample amount.

A-2  Some samples have high DNA content and can be treated with DNase.

----Perform RNase-Free DNase treatment to the obtained RNA solution, and the RNA can be directly used for subsequent experiments after treatment, or can be further purified by RNA purification kits.

Q: How to remove RNase from experimental consumables and glasswares?

For glasswares, baked at 150°C for 4 h. For plastic containers, immersed in 0.5 M NaOH for 10 min, then thoroughly rinsed with RNase-free water and then sterilize to completely remove RNase. The reagents or solutions used in the experiment, especially water, must be free of RNase. Use RNase-free water for all reagent preparations (add water to a clean glass bottle, add DEPC to a final concentration of 0.1% (V/V), shake overnight and autoclave).

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